Hi. My name is Paul Edwards, and welcome to my web site.

If you want to contact me, then you'll find contact information on my friends' page. This is password protected; send me an e-mail if you'd like to access it and you don't already have the login details.

Latest news

August 2013: I've finally succeeded in getting my weather station online. You can find data on the weather in my back garden on this page. I'm using a Raspberry Pi with weewx weather software to connect the Oregon WMR200 weather station to the Internet. At the moment the format of the report is pretty much the default provided by the software. The outside temperature sensor also tends to read high in direct sunlight - I plan to move it to a shady location shortly.

December 2013: Initial trials with the weather station setup showed the software was unstable, and tended to crash regularly. A new version, installed in October, has been more successful, but there is still a tendancy to randomly stop collecting and publishing the data.


The old link to my Picassa photo albums no longer seems to work, sorry. I need to investigate this.

Other links

Altran, the company I work for.

St Thomas' Church, Trowbridge: The church I belong to in Trowbridge.

The City of Bath Bach Choir (CBBC) in which I sing.

Christian Music Ministries, who I help out from time to time with workshops and events.

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